Maltatina Launches 2022 Diary with 52 Local Travel Tips

The popular online blog is also celebrating its fifth anniversary of inspiring fans to explore the best of Malta in February 2022.

Local travel blogger Martina Brtnická has launched the first Maltese Islands-themed travel diary for 2022. The diary includes 52 travel tips, one for each weekend, to inspire people to explore beautiful and often little-known spots on the islands.

“I hear complaints that there is nothing to do in Malta and that you can see it all in a week, but that’s simply not true,” stresses the photographer and entrepreneur. “The Maltese Islands have so much to offer and I want to remind locals, expats and tourists alike about places that they may have forgotten or don’t even know exist.”

In 2017, after ten years living in Malta, Ms Brtnická set herself a personal challenge to visit a new spot in Malta or Gozo every weekend. Five years later she is still discovering hidden corners, and she shares her experiences with readers on her blog, Maltatina. “That way everyone can follow in my footsteps and see the beauty of the islands for themselves,” she says.

“I know what it’s like not knowing what to do or where to go at the weekends, and feeling like my time off is being wasted.” This is why Maltatina decided to create a diary filled with ideas on what to do each weekend, depending on the month or season.

There is a travel tip for each week, be it a trek, a cultural experience, or a visit to a museum. Plus, readers can find detailed information on how to reach the place, what to keep in mind, as well as some curious facts.

“The diary was my biggest project of 2021, or of the past five years, actually. It took me years to gather the knowledge, and months to put everything together. I’m super excited to be able to offer this product to my followers as well as the general public. I believe it can really make a difference and inspire people to spend more time outdoors exploring and being active, with a suggestion for every weekend.”

“Now is the season to spend more time outdoors discovering beautiful hidden gems, appreciating nature and relishing Malta’s stunning countryside. If my 2022 Dairy and games inspire people to go out and explore, stay physically active and treasure this little island in the Mediterranean a bit more, it will have been worth it,” she adds.