Maltatina Expands Product Portfolio to Postcards

maltatina door knocker postcards
We're very excited to announce that we're expanding our product portfolio to postcards. In total, there are 22 different styles featuring traditional Maltese doors and door knockers!

The beauty and uniqueness of the Maltese door knockers has fascinated us for years and finally we're here to exhibit their style and elegance.

The purpose of these door knockers is give more elegant look to the main door. Back in the day, these door knockers were very important as they symbolized the status and wealth of the house owner. The most extravagant and elaborate knockers were a sign of prosperity and power.

Yes, we all have WhatsApp, Messenger or Facetime to stay in touch, but there is something special about receiving a physical postcard. Let's go back to basics and create long lasting memories with a simple, yet beautiful postcard.