Health benefits of Maltatina Memory Game

maltatina memory game

Did you know that by playing Maltatina Memory Game you can actually improve your health? No?! Here are FIVE ways how it can help you. :)

1. Improves concentration – Do you need to improve your concentration? Train your brain! Playing certain types of games, just like our memory game, can help you to focus better.

2. Trains visual memory – Want to strengthen your visual memory? The aim of our game is to turn over two squares at a time, trying to find a pair of the same image.

3. Increases short-term memory - Do you feel the need to improve your short-term memory? Memorizing where each photo is and eventually finding a matching pair is an effective way to train your brain.

4. Much-needed time off screen - Give your kids an activity that keeps them entertained, from cutting out the squares, to mixing them up and playing the game.

5. Inspires players to go out and explore the featured places - Are your children spending too much time at home with no desire to explore the outdoors? Play this fun game and show them that there’s so much out there waiting to be discovered!