What makes Maltatina Memory Game the ideal gift?

maltatina memory game
What is it about our memory games that make them so universal and 'fit to all' kind of present, while keeping their uniqueness and originality? Here is why: 
1. Fun, educational, stimulating game for everyone – Want to show your family and friends that Malta has more to offer than just the main hotspots? Explore Malta in a fun way and learn about new places to explore.
2. Cross-generation game - Looking for an activity that would entertain the whole family across generations? Here’s one! Kids will enjoy learning about new places as the older family members take a trip down memory lane.

3. Easy-to-post present for Malta lovers living overseas – Many of you have friends or family living abroad. Finding a nice gift that’s easy to pack and cheap to post can be a nightmare, but here‘s an idea!
4. Great value for a limited-edition gift – Are you tired of mass-produced items that everyone’s already got? Support local and limited products just like our Memory Game.

5. Helps you appreciate the beauty of the Maltese Islands - Sometimes we take the beauty around us for granted. Playing our memory game will remind you how beautiful these Mediterranean Islands are.
6. Quality time spent with friends and family - Would you like to bring back those times when a family sat down together at a table for a fun evening of games? Put together Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 for an even more challenging playing session!