Maltatina Memory Game Brtnicka

The Maltatina photo blog blog was founded in 2017 as part of a personal challenge to discover a new local place to explore every weekend. This 'dare' was indeed a very successful one, and four years later, Maltatina has published over 150 photo blogs about those hidden and less known spots around the Maltese Islands.

In 2019, we released Maltatina Memory Game Volume 1. This  was such a hit that the game sold out within months. In 2020, the format and materials were improved to ensure even higher durability and easier shipping.

Now, you can purchase Maltatina Memory Game Volumes 1 and 2, featuring beautiful places around Malta, Gozo and Comino, and including an index. And there’s more, with a number of limited editions coming your way very soon. In 2021, you can look forward to a special game version dedicated to Malta’s door knockers, a range of postcards, plus the release of a 2022 travel diary complete with weekly travel tips!

Visit www.maltatina.com for your local travel inspiration. 


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